I am a photographer and teacher with an abiding interest in pinhole photography and the wet plate process. I have found joy in capturing street scenes in Europe, still lifes at home, and portraits of friends and strangers in a studio I share with two fellow photographers in Manchester, New Hampshire. Joy and adventure: I won’t forget being kicked out of Rome’s Caracalla baths after setting up my tripod (apparently there is a ban on “giornalistas!” — the only word I understood in the stream of invective hurled at me by the guard on the Vespa who escorted me out).

I taught photography at the NH Institute of Art from 2004 to 2016 and I am a juried member of the New Hampshire Art Association and a board member of the NH Society of Photographic artists. I co-founded the nonprofit arts group ArtFront, a multidisciplinary, arts advocacy foundation that invites the greater community to come and enjoy the arts in all their expressive forms. ArtFront hosts three-day events that bring two- and three-dimensional art together with dance and music.

I am an incessant observer of my environment, most alive in urban settings with their dynamic, layered, visual stimuli. I picked up my first camera in 1998 and soon found deep happiness wandering city streets—a flaneur with a camera—creating images that capture the gestures of everyday life. I think of Elliot Erwitt as I explore; his ironic, witty images shock, excite, entertain and make me see things in a different light. Like him, I look to catch the rhythm of the moment by highlighting chance juxtapositions between disparate elements. Often, the layers within reflections can reveal a new, altered reality; subtle textures and details create codas and counterpoints that complement the central truth of the image.

When I am not engaged in photographic pursuits you can find me at the Republic of Campo, a bistro-style restaurant in downtown Manchester, NH, that I share with my husband Ed Aloise.

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