Dennis is a self-taught photographer who watches light. He has found over many years of making images, if you sit and watch the light, beautiful images will naturally come your way. His photographs are about the elusive qualities of light, especially soft light. Regardless of the subject – a person, a stone, a tree, or the landscape – it is the light that makes the image. By being in the moment with your surroundings, subjects will find you. When they do, he lets the light bring them to life, to glow, and when that happens, his photograph is created. He is there to enjoy the moment, trip the shutter, and share the experience through his final print. For me, working with a camera is contemplation, relaxation, right seeing.

He works in a traditional wet darkroom, making gelatin silver prints and platinum-palladium contact prints. Photographs made with platinum metals are exceptionally beautiful; with the depth, luminosity, and extensive tonal range that creates a print unmatched by other printing processes. Platinum/palladium metals are gently brushed onto fine art paper to make a print possessing marvelous aesthetic qualities, which are extremely stable and are considered to be among the most permanent prints ever made.

Dennis has been making images for over 50 years and is a two-term past-president of the esteemed Buffalo Society of Artists. His works are treasured in many permanent collections, including the Burchfield Penney Art Center, who acquired 49 of his platinum prints in 2018.

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