A native of western New York, I relocated to the rocky coast of Maine where there still exists pockets of solace and beauty.  It is here that my muse whispers to my inner artist to create visual poetry by fixing shadows of light. I am predominately a large format photographic artist who prefers to work within the methodical and contemplative confines of the view camera. While I will use almost any form or format of photography available to express myself, I’ve found the large format view camera a great tool to organically explore the lines, textures and shadows of the world around me in a methodic and contemplative manner.

My images are made with gelatin silver based film and then, depending on the type of emotion I want to convey to the audience, printed on a variety of mediums. I develop and print all of my images by hand one at a time in my home studio.  My main printing mediums are commercially available gelatin silver-based paper, hand coated platinum/palladium paper and hand coated albumen silver paper.

I prefer to produce contact prints in lieu of enlargements due to the distinct visual attributes and character they exhibit, which is quite unique in comparison to the modern ink jet prints.  However, when I deem that the final expression demands such procedures, I do make enlargements on gelatin silver paper.  Each print is washed, toned and mounted by archival methods.

Monalog™ is supported by member dues and a portion of member print sales. All member prints are original and hand made, using various processes. Please contact member artists for further information.