I am a Large and Ultra Large Format camera builder, photographer and educator currently living in Vancouver Washington. Most importantly, I am a dedicated traditional monochrome carbon transfer artist, working exclusively in this medium. Carbon Transfer is a printing process from the mid 1860’s yielding what many believe to be the finest and most archival prints produced today.

Carbon Transfer printing is how I “see” my vision presented in its final form. Deep rich shadows to brilliant highlights and amazing mid tones along with relief, what more could one ask for? My prints are unique to me because I control the entire process from building my cameras and exposing large sheets of film to developing the image and blending special pigmented gelatin that my final vision will be printed from.

I have found that no other process has given me the quality, beauty and feeling that I can produce with my unique carbon transfer prints. This is my way of expressing the passion I feel when I am in the field producing my work. My traditional darkroom negatives are contact printed one at a time yielding prints that are a special handmade one of a kind image. Be they 8×10, 11×14, 8×20 or 14×17 negatives each is a unique print unto itself. This is who I am as an artist. My heart and soul is present in the finished print and if it evokes an emotion from the viewer then I have succeeded as an artist.

My carbon work has evolved over time to include teaching this process to others and using it to both inspire myself and nurture my inherent artistic sensibilities – for it is much more than just a process. My current long-term projects are evolving and my vision is changing as I develop my skill and understanding of Carbon Transfer printing. Portrait work in the traditional vein along with still life, figure studies, landscape and my long term documentation of the Black Oaks in Yosemite Valley continue to help me grow as an artist. Carbon transfer printing is a labor of love that requires dedication to the craft of fine art photography at the highest level. I strive to keep this historic process alive by being one of a handful of dedicated artists in the world actively printing Carbon Transfer. I see no other way to express myself.

My work is held in several private collections and I have been graced with many awards over the years.

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